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A Hello Kitty Waffle Maker Makes Children's Cooking Fun
My daughter loves Hello Kitty. She’s so cute with her backpack and matching accessories. And she also loves waffles. That’s why when I discovered a Hello Kitty waffle maker on, I knew that it would be the perfect way to get her more involved in the kitchen.

Most Saturdays she wakes up early and watches cartoons. I get up around 8:30 or 9:00 and then we all have breakfast together. She loves pancakes and waffles. Before I bought her the Hello Kitty waffle maker we’d whip up a batter with blueberries and throw them on the griddle.

Now she’s the one taking the lead, showing me how to add the batter to the waffle maker. And then when it’s ready she gets so excited, you should see the look on her face. It’s so much fun cooking with children, especially when they are more excited than you are. Plus she’s learned all about what goes in the batter and how the heat cooks it, whereas before she helped me beat it, and then went back to her cartoons. Not only is cooking with children a great way to bring you closer to your children, it's a delicious way to teach them.

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