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T-Fal/Wearever Avante Elite Convection Oven is Great for Large Families
A couple of months ago I bought the T-Fal Avante Elite convection oven because I needed some extra space to cook in the kitchen. I have 3 kid and ravenous husband and it can be hard to cook for all five of us. Often times one part of the meal is getting cold while I'm still trying to cook another, or I can't seem to get everyone's food ready at the same time. The convection oven is great; I can reheat leftovers and they taste just like the day I cooked them. I can have something warming up in it's warming compartment in addition to my regular stove which makes multitasking so much easier. I can also broil meat in the convection oven which is a healthy alternative to other preparation.

I have some custom settings saved for the dishes we tend to have the most, like my special casserole. It also comes with both a broiling and baking pan, which saved me money and time because I didn't have to get my own. The best part is, it's really easy for my kids to use. The gas oven scares my littlest one because it seems too big and hot to her, but she loves heating up her frozen pizzas in the convection oven. It's nice that they can use it on their own with ease.

View the T-Fal Avante Elite convection oven.

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