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Your Children Will LOVE the Bosch Home Appliance Ice Cream Maker!
The thing about cooking with children is, you typically need to be cooking something they’re really into, otherwise it will be difficult to keep their interest. The truth is, if you can find something they REALLY enjoy, you’ll get them to go from just simply interested to enthusiastic.

And let me tell you, your kids will be BEYOND enthusiastic when you tell them they’ll be making their very own ice cream. And that’s exactly the opportunity you’ll be giving them when your family uses the Bosch Home Appliance Ice Cream Maker.

The Bosch Home Appliance Ice Cream Maker is dishwasher safe, easy to use and even easier to clean. Made entirely of plastic, the Ice Cream maker is virtually unbreakable. But just in case you prove that statement wrong, the manufacturer warranty extends for an entire year.

With the Bosch Home Appliance Ice Cream Maker, you and your children can make up to a quart of ice cream, or sherbet, or frozen yogurt.

And once the kids are off to bed, you and the rest of the parents can get together with the Ice Cream Maker and use it to make yourselves some “adult” frozen drinks. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the Home Ice Cream Maker and starting cooking with children today.

View the Bosch Ice Cream Maker.Here.

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