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Nostalgia Electrics Hollywood Marquee Popcorn Maker
I am a huge film buff, and so is the rest of my family. We are firm believers that the movie-watching experience is incomplete without a bowl of fresh popcorn. Every Friday night, the whole family gets together in the living room for movie night, and we canít start unless the warm smell of popcorn is wafting through the air and a bowl is smack in the center of the coffee table. So thatís why I absolutely love the Nostalgia Electrics Hollywood Marquee Popcorn maker.

This home popcorn maker is a replica of one of the movie house machines and is fitted with a mini-marquee at the top, so you can put your name, the name of the movie, or anything you want, in lights! It also features a 2-ounce stainless steel kettle and stirring system built right in. The kettle makes 8 cups of popcorn. It also includes a measuring spoon for oil, and a measuring cup for kernels!

Now thanks to the Nostalgia Electrics Hollywood Marquee Popcorn Maker, we can bring the movie house atmosphere straight to our living room.

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