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Cooking Recipes For Kids Ė Food Thatís Fun and Healthy

Some children have very particular tastes and itís not always easy to get them to eat new foods, especially if they know that itís healthy. But with Playing Kitchenís fun kidís recipes, kids will be excited to eat their new food because they had fun making it. We also have great twists on classic foods that your kids will love and have fun while eating.

Healthy Eating Habits Start With Healthy Recipes For Kids

Teaching kids about healthy eating can be very easy as long as you have the right tools. If you involve kids in the food making process they will learn how to read a recipe and follow directions (tools they can take with them as they get older). They will also learn about what goes into the food they eat. From there you can explain to them the importance of making sure that all the ingredients are healthy and that even healthy food can taste great too!

Playing Kitchen Ė Fun Cooking Ideas For Kids

At Playing Kitchen we know how to make cooking fun for kids. Aside from our fun cooking recipes for children we also have lots of other fun cooking ideas for kids. For example, we have tons of games you can play with kids in the kitchen, fun contests for kids fun pictures and videos and educational articles.

Face it, your kids might be more likely to try new foods if you put them in a fun container, and whats more fun than an i...
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Celebrate New Year's or any special occasion with Confetti Cake. Ingredients * 1 1-pound box angel food cake mix * 1/4...
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