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Jane the Dragon tells you that the amount counts. Child obesity can creep up on your child and if they continue to eat big portions they are prone to be obese later in life, so remember, portions count too. Stay healthy and enjoy!
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Don't stay inside sitting in front of the TV. Child obesity is serious and can lead to serious long term effects. It's important to eat healthy and get regular exercise. Parents should try cooking with children that way they can make eating and cooking more fun. You can browse through the site for some cooking ideas for kids as well. Remember to get up and play!
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An animated video showing you that exercise can be fun! Just get up out of your seat and start jumping around. Kids try cooking with your parents and parents try cooking with children it's a great way to get them off of the couch and moving.
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Check out this easy, protein-rich breakfast recipe perfect for kids who need energy for an active day. It's called a Peek-a-boo egg, and it's delicious!
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Some of the best cooking ideas for kids involve one magical ingredient: chocolate! Watch the video to learn an easy children's cooking recipe for chocolate pudding. Just remember to earn your dessert by spending a couple of hours playing outside!
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Tired of cereal for breakfast? This children's cooking recipe is your ticket to a healthier, more exciting breakfast. Watch and learn how to make a Tutti-Frutti Salad featuring yogurt, honey, and fruit. One of our favorite cooking recipes for kids, this yummy salad can help start your day out right.
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In this video, First Lady Michelle Obama teams up with Elmo and a few kids on Sesame Street to fight childhood obesity. How do they do it? Michelle teaches the kids how to plant seeds in their very own garden to grow healthy vegetables.

Just remember, all cooking recipes for kids don't have to be sugary and starchy to be fun. Kids will have a great time planting, picking, and cooking vegetables from their own garden.
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There's no greater idea than having a family bake-off when cooking with children! These kids even let mom and grandma participate in their contest. They came up with some great cooking recipes for kids, but there could only be 1 winner. Watch the video to find out which family member had the best cooking recipes for kids.
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Cooking with children should be fun, but also informative! In this video, this expert chef gives tips on how to make cooking for kids fun and educational and serves up some scary monster toast at the end! Learn how to teach your kids kitchen safety, how kitchen tools are used, and most importantly, how to enjoy making their own food!
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Kids Cooking Videos – At Playing Kitchen

Cooking with kids can be a lot of fun for you and them. Thinking of way to make cooking fun is not always easy. At Playing Kitchen we scour the web to bring you great kids cooking videos that are both fun and educational. Check out Playing Kitchen every week to see the latest videos. We have great online cooking videos, cooking how to videos, video recipes, educational videos, videos of kids cooking and many other fun videos.

Videos of Cooking with Kids, Kids Cooking Recipes and Fun Kids Cooking Games

The internet is all about videos and so is Playing Kitchen. We have lots of articles and pictures but nothing can show you how to have fun with kids in the kitchen better than a video. Check out our how-to cooking videos for great kids recipes. Check out our videos page for funny videos of kids cooking in the kitchen. If you have a video you want to share, let us know! We’re always looking for great kids cooking videos.

Playing Kitchen – Family Fun in the Kitchen

At Playing Kitchen we are always looking for ways to make cooking fun for kids and our goal is to share that with you. We have lots of great cooking ideas for kids, like cooking games, children’s food recipes and pictures. Getting kids into the kitchen is a great first step in teaching them about healthy eating habits and also education families about the dangers of childhood obesity.


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